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Locksmith Los Angeles has all your automotive locksmith services covered, from the frequently requested car lockout service to less common key cutting. Anything lock and key related, we do it all. Auto locksmith Los Angeles services include; car key replacement, car key programming, key cutting, car lockouts or anything at all wrong with car door locks we’ll fix it. We are a fully insured locksmith company, made up of a team of professional locksmiths, you can trust us to work on your beloved car.


Locked out of your car?

Of all the automotive locksmith services we provide, the car lockout is the most frequently requested. Car keys are frequently moved from bag to bag, your pocket to the kitchen counter and back again, easily leading to a lost car key. In the case of electronic transponder or FOB keys a malfunction or flat batteries, will often leave you locked out of the car. A car lockout like most inconvenient things in life, will always happen at the worst possible time. You’ll be in a frantic hair-pulling state no doubt, but you needn’t be. Don’t even think about trying to unlock the car on your own, you’re likely to only do damage to the car and, or yourself. There are some things that require a locksmith company, not a YouTube tutorial. Once you call our auto locksmith Los Angeles team, a member of our helpful automotive locksmiths will be right on their way as soon as possible, to come to your location and get your car unlocked. Our car locksmiths are experienced and knowledgeable, they’ve worked on car door locks of all make and model of car including high-end luxury cars and can think quickly or trouble shoot any manner of problem. This includes trunk locks, as these have the same probability of damage and wear and tear and can sometimes require repair or replacement. Naturally, Automotive locksmith Los Angeles are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your assistance.


Lost your car key or need a replacement?

If you discover you have a lost car key, after getting your car unlocked by the professionals, you’ll need a car key replacement. Most people think they have to go to the dealership to source a replacement car key, in fact, it’s not true. Most dealerships have a reputation for slow delivery time and over-priced services. Our automotive locksmith services include the very best key locksmith in the area and we’ll save you time and money by sourcing a quality car key replacement in Los Angeles. Losing a car key will become a worry of the past. Electronic car keys are the new challenge in our modernizing world, key cutting is becoming rarer and rarer as many cars now have partially or fully electronic car keys. These electronic chip-incorporated car keys and proximity FOB keys have added theft protection and are a big improvement on traditional mechanical keys, however car key programming has its challenges. A locksmith company will use only commercially available car key programming software and some may not have the specific software for your model of car, in particular luxury brands have more advanced systems. Thankfully, our auto locksmith has a wide variety of software and equipment for programming electronic and proximity FOB car keys. Another key related problem that may arise is a broken key. It sometimes happens that a key becomes broken inside the lock itself.

This then leaves you without a key and without a functional lock. First things first, you’ll need a key extraction service. A professional locksmith service such as ours have the lock and key know-how to perform an efficient key extraction without damaging the lock or your vehicle. Once the key is extracted, we can set you up with a car key replacement if necessary.


Car ignition being troublesome?

Another equally as important automotive locksmith services are car ignition repair and replacement. Many people do not realize automotive locksmith services include repair and replacement of ignition switches, but it is one of the standard auto locksmith services. There are many reasons for a faulty ignition switch and it’s not always so easy to diagnose the root cause of the problem. Our professional locksmiths however, are the trouble shooting wizards. Parts wear down over time, you may find it’s a case of a worn-out ignition cylinder, ignition switch contact problem or simply an incorrect gear or steering wheel lock position. Many of these you can trouble shoot yourself before contacting a locksmith company. Firstly, check the gear you have parked in, automatic transmission cars will not allow the car to be switched on if it is not in park. As a simple fix you can try changing the gear selector into or out of park and back again, then try to turn the key. Another common problem is the steering wheel lock preventing the key from turning in the ignition. You can try turning the steering wheel back and forth whilst also turning the key in the ignition, in some cases this will free the ignition switch and allow you to start the engine. Of course, sometimes this won’t work and you have to be mindful not to get exasperated and force the key, because you’ll risk breaking the key in the ignition cylinder. It’s likely there will come a point when you’ll need to call in the experts, us. If parts have become old and worn out then they’ll need to be replaced. An appropriate solution may simply be a car key replacement as the fault may not be the ignition itself. In other cases, the electrical systems that connect to the ignition switch develop contact problems. You don’t need the complication of getting an automotive electrician involved, a car locksmith can also fix this. Ignition switch problems will gradually get worse, don’t struggle on and on with the problem, get it looked at before it becomes a bigger problem.


Emergency services are standard

For all your car locksmith services, there’s no need to tow your vehicle to a mechanic or our shop. Our professional locksmiths offer a fully mobile service, stocked with a wide range of necessary parts so we can complete the job on site, at a time that is convenient for you. All our auto locksmith services whether it’s a car lockout or a key extraction, are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week hassle free. Save our number in your phone and if the unfortunate happens, you’ll know who to call straight away for any lock and key related services.


Friendly, reliable and affordable

It’s not really enough to say that the team at our locksmith company are professional and experienced. It’s important to note that they’re also a really friendly bunch, they will put you right at ease in your most stressful moments be it a car lockout or a broken key. We are reliable and communicate effectively, we mean what we say and explain in detail the lock and key work that needs to be done and the price break down. Prices are affordable and very reasonable

considering the exceptional quality and service provided by our team. No hidden fees or markups, the total price is clear and transparent, and we think you’ll be very satisfied. Give us a call today to get all your automotive locksmith services done with us. We’ll ensure all your concerns are investigated and finally resolved. Your car door locks will thank us.


Services Locksmith Los Angeles assists you with:

Our services consist of anything from emergency lockouts to lock maintenance for your house, vehicle, or business. Just give us a call to get your assistance on a 24/7 basis at Locksmith Los Angeles.

Your Complete Satisfaction With Our Work Is Guaranteed

We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our 24-hour locksmith service. We are insured, which means that it is a guarantee that you will get the best service possible from us. Locksmith Los Angeles prioritizes your security and convenience. Any help you may need with your locks and keys, be it a lockout, a set of spare car keys, key programming - we can do it.


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  • The tailored solution to your issue;
  • 24/7 emergency service;
  • Mobile locksmith in Los Angeles;
  • The commitment to our customers - YOU!;
  • The highest quality service;
  • Expertise in Commercial, Residential, and Automotive niches;
  • FREE estimates;
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  • Insured professionals.      

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We’re available 24/7 to provide you with the assistance you require. Give us a call anytime - including on weekends and holidays. As a mobile Los Angeles Locksmith service provider - we arrive at your place with the most up-to-date equipment, ready to assist you with your locksmith needs. When you choose a mobile locksmith over a standard one, you ensure that you will receive excellent assistance at any time and in any location.

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