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Finding Yourself Locked Out Of The Car? Here Are 4 Easy Steps



Have you ever been in the unfortunate situation of being locked out of the car? Or maybe you accidentally locked your keys inside the car? It can be a scary and frustrating experience, especially if it’s late at night or you’re alone. 


You may be tempted to try and break into your car yourself, but this can cause costly damage. Even if you manage to get the door open, you’ll likely have to pay for a new lock or handle. 


Calling a locksmith is usually the best option when you are locked out of the car. They will come out to your location and use specialized tools to safely unlock your car door. If you’re in a pinch, however, there are other DIY techniques that may work just as well when you are locked out of the car.


Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to get back into your vehicle quickly and safely and in this blog post, we’ll provide tips on what to do when your keys are locked in the car. 


From calling a locksmith to using a coat hanger – we have all the information you are locked out of the car so let’s get to it!



What To Do When You Locked Out Of The Car


If you find yourself locked out of the car, don’t panic! Here are some steps you can take to get back into your vehicle safely and quickly:


Use a Spare Key:

If you have a spare key, it can be used to unlock the door and get back into your vehicle. Calling a friend or family member who can bring you a spare key may be the quickest and easiest solution if you don’t have access to a locksmith or coat hanger.


Check for open windows or doors:

The sudden realization that you are locked out of the car will make you forget to check if there are any windows or doors left open. Hopefully, one of your doors or windows is open, and you may be able to reach in and unlock the door from the inside.


Use a Coat Hanger:

If you don’t have access to a locksmith or auto club, a coat hanger may be your best bet. This technique involves using the hanger to manipulate the lock and open the door from the outside. It is not recommended for newer cars as it can damage the car’s locking mechanism.


Call a Locksmith:

Calling a locksmith is usually the quickest and safest way to get into your car. Professional locksmiths will be able to open your door quickly and safely, without causing any damage to your vehicle. Some auto clubs also provide lockout services for members.


In addition to locksmiths and coat hangers, there are also other ways to access your locked car. One popular option is using an inflatable wedge, which goes between the car window and frame in order to create a small gap that will allow you access to the door handle or lock. This method works best when there is enough room between the window and frame for the wedge. You can also try using a slim-jim tool, which is designed specifically for unlocking cars without causing any damage.



Once you get back into your car or receive a new set of keys from the locksmith, remember that prevention is key! Make sure to keep spare keys in accessible places (like with family members or at work) so that you never have to worry about being locked out again. And no matter what type of vehicle you drive, always keep your keys on you and don’t leave them in the ignition – this will reduce the chances of accidentally being locked out of the car. 


No matter which method you choose, it’s important to be patient. Trying to force your way into the car can cause irreparable damage, so take your time and make sure you’re using the right technique for your vehicle.


When all else fails, calling a professional locksmith from Locksmith Los Angeles is the best option. We have the skills and tools necessary to get into just about any car quickly and safely – even if it has an advanced locking system. Plus, we know exactly how to get your keys out without damaging any of the components. 


With our licensed experts on standby 24/7, you can rest assured knowing that you are in safe hands, any time of the day or night! 


So, now that you know what to do when your keys are locked in the car, you’ll feel more confident and ready to tackle any car key emergency!

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